Candidates Survey 2018

We are pleased to announce results of the Candidates Single Payer Survey recently conducted by Western Mass. Medicare for All.  Responses from 17 candidates in the Pioneer Valley running for state office in the Sept. 4th primary election indicate broad support for Medicare for All in Mass.  These questionnaires provide a more in-depth view of each candidate’s approach, intentions and concerns regarding this critical social and economic issue.  See links below for the full text of candidate responses.  

WMM4A invited candidates from all State legislative districts in Franklin, Hampshire and Hampden counties to participate in this survey, in both contested and non-contested races.  Just over one third responded, including all but a few of those running in contested races in Franklin and Hampshire Counties.

While all of the candidates state that they support Single Payer, readers will find wide variation among their specific answers.   Among their  concerns is the enormous influence of insurance, corporate health care, and pharmaceutical lobbies on the Statehouse.  They identify the need for political courage, widespread public education to overcome myths about Single Payer, and a plan to address job displacement in the private insurance industry.

We are most encouraged by the positive response to forming a Single Payer Legislative Caucus on Beacon Hill.   All of the respondents agreed to help initiate and participate in a Single Payer Legislative Caucus if elected.   The Caucus might serve as a forum to inform other legislators about how a Single Payer system works, build support to move the legislation out of committee, discuss and debate policy concerns, and request and monitor a benchmark study.

WMM4A does not endorse individual candidates, but we do take seriously their responsibility to move beyond just lip service on key issues like Single Payer. We commend these 17 candidates for taking advantage of this opportunity to share their views in more depth with the public.

For more information about Single Payer, including research studies and current bills, please visit the pages on this website for Single Payer, Resources, and Legislation.

Click on the links below to read the full responses by candidates (names and districts listed alphabetically):

State Senate Districts: 

Hampden District:  includes Amaad Rivera

Hampshire-Franklin-Worcester:  includes Jo Comerford, Steve Connor, Ryan O’Donnell

State Representative Districts:

2nd Berkshire:  includes Paul Mark

1st Franklin: includes Kate Albright-Hanna, Natalie Blais, Christine Doktor, Jonathan Edwards, Casey Pease, Francia Wisnewski

10th Hampden:  includes Ivette Hernandez

1st Hampshire:  includes Lindsay Sabadosa, Diana Szynal

2nd Hampshire:  includes Marie McCourt

3rd Hampshire:  includes Mindy Domb, Eric Nakajima