Research Studies

PERI 2018 Study – National Medicare for All

Prof. Gerald Friedman: 2018 Study for Mass. Medicare for All

Prof. Gerald Friedman:  2010 study for Mass. Medicare for All

 List of Single Payer Studies

Springfield, MA – Health Equity Report


Fix It

Big Pharma: Market Failure

Now Is the Time

The Health Care Movie

Annotated video list by League of Women Voters

Education Tool Kits

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2018 Single Payer Strategy Conference – Wiki

Grassroots Lobbying Training Video

Single Payer Pocket Guide by Boston PNHP members

Health Over Profit – Education Tools for National SP


Why A Public Option Isn’t Enough

The Case Against the Public Option

A Road Map to Single Payer

Hospitals and Single Payer

Single Payer Could Solve the Rural Hospital Crisis

Single Payer and the Opioid Crisis

AMA position  on Single Payer (June, 2018)

Disparities Remain in Massachusetts Health Insurance Rates (2015)

The Feminist Case for Single Payer

Medicare is not “Bankrupt”

Time to End Co-Pays

What We Talk About When We Talk about Single Payer

“MichCare” Proposal

45,000 Deaths Linked to Uninsurance

“Freedom-loving Americans Should Demand Universal Healthcare”

Accountable Care Organizations, Explained

On Health Performance, Mass. Not Such a Shiny Star

The Erosion of Mental Health Benefits – UBH case

M4A and the Myth of the 40% Physican Pay Cut

Articles – Historical Analysis

How Medicare Was Won

What Happened in Vermont?

The Rise and Fall of Vermont’s Single Payer Plan

Vermont: Statement by the Health Care is a Human Right Campaign

A Brief History of Medicare in America

The Fight for Health Care Has Always Been About Civil Rights

 Health Care Reform and Social Movements in the U.S.

History of Single Payer Legislation

National Health Insurance: A Brief History of Reform Efforts in the U.S.


What is Single Payer?

“Beware of fake single payer plans”

Single Payer and Health Disparities

FAQs about Mass. Medicare for All bills 

M4A Matters for Women!

Single Payer and Conservative Values